The ultimate “sealant”, it combines everything we’ve learnt from the ceramic and glass coatings; it is hard, shiny, a UV protector (through absorption and scattering the UV rays) and is very hydrophobic. It is compatible on Perspex,some plastics, and is a great topcoat for the PLASTIC Coating.

Univeral was developed with fleet vehicles in mind. Fleet vehicles are abused more, drivers scuff up against them and they are used much more than your daily driver. Unfortunately the “Fleet” is the first point of contact for many customers, and they are driving billboards for your company after all.

Universal helps with solving some of these problems. It is a highly universal product that is compatible with most surfaces (but may stain some plastics, so do a test always!). Universal contains the same smart nanotechnology for UV scattering that is found in Hydro to help reduce gloss and paint fade.

Universal offers a good level of hydrophobicity which would make cleaning your fleet much easier, the coating is also anti-static meaning the surface will remain cleaner for longer, saving you money on your wash intervals.

Universal can be applied without going through the standard detailing method. A simple decontamination of the surface is sufficient as the coating will improve the surface gloss dramatically.

Size - 250ml