About Us/Maidir Linn

Welcome to Polishing Technologies. Dia dhuit and failte chuig Polishing Technologies Ireland

We pride ourselves in the knowledge that whatever you need to care for your care - we can provide. Our products are world class and our prices are competitive. Browse through our online shop and purchase directly.

We have the full KKD range that covers everything from pre sprays, shampoos, wheel cleaners, wash mitts, detailing brushes, glass cleaners, hydrophobic sealents and everything in between!


If you have a query simply contact us via email anytime and we will be in touch. 

Ma ta aon ceist ann cuir glaoch ar 087 1151525 no ar an seoladh email polishingtechirl@gmail.com

We are currently introducing Irish into all aspects of the business and we encourage you to join in with the effort by clicking on the gaillimh le gaeilge website on www.gleg.ie. and show local support!

Kind Regards,

Brian Spellman, Owner.