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FEYNLAB® LEATHER TREATMENT was engineered as a natural conditioning treatment to hydrate leather, preserving its supple feel and elastic qualities without leaving a greasy surface.


Traditional leather treatments are typically oil based and attract dust, creating a quick resoiling environment. LEATHER TREATMENT is a water and vegetable based formula, working to deeply condition without leaving a greasy feel and is safe for all leather types, from urethane coated to untreated  Aniline or Semi-Aniline Leather.



Sold as a 120ml or 500ml Bottle.


Surface Preparation:


Thoroughly clean surface of loose contamination or topical that might inhibit product effectiveness.

Clean leather, thoroughly removing as much dirt as possible from the surface. Steam, is often the most effective method of cleaning leather as it helps remove contamination deep within the leather’s pores. Make sure not to over saturate or overheat surfaces if using steam.


If using cleaning products, ensure they are leather safe. After the use of cleaning products perform a simple and thorough water wipe down or all to ensure any residue from the cleaning products is removed.




  1. Spray FEYNLAB® LEATHER TREATMENT onto a microfiber applicator or towel.
  2. Start with 2-3 sprays onto the towel. Add more as needed to generously cover the surface.
  3. Spread evenly over the surface. Amount of product should be enough for a generous application.