STORM S2000 Rotary Polisher

STORM S2000 Rotary Polisher

The user-friendly Liquid Elements rotary polishing machine offers superb value for money as an introduction to rotary polishing.
Easy handling and an excellent performance. This machine has a soft start at 600rpm and features a six speed control. This control is electronic which keeps the machine at constant speed even under load. .



  • 1300 watts of power
  • Soft start
  • 600 - 3000 rpm speeds
  • Cable length 2.2 metres approx
  • M14 threaded mount for backing pad
  • Speed ​​control and constant
  • Constant Power switch


  • Liquid Elements Storm S2000 Rotary Polishing Machine
  • Instructions
  • Backing pad 150mm 
  • Plastic case for storage
  • Bow handle
  • Rod handle
  • Replacement Brushes