NEO Polymer Protection

NEO Polymer Protection

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Scholl Concepts NEO Polymer Protection is a unique, high class polymer gloss sealant for almost every exterior vehicle surface. It features an outstanding resistance to atmospheric conditions, especially on unpainted surfaces like vinyl or glass. Thanks to a highly innovative polymer formula, treated surfaces will have a semi-gloss and sealed finish that will last for many months.

NEO Polymer Protection is bodyshop friendly as it is hydrocarbon and silicone oil-free. Use on paintwork, vinyl, chrome, wheels, rubber and plastics. Apply by hand with the specially-developed NEO Honey Spider Hand Puck or machine-apply with a NEO Polisher and the NEO Spider Pad.

Regarding the universal sealing and caring performance, NEO is suitable for application on nearly every exterior surface. As a result, it provides time and money-saving benefits when taking care of your vehicle. It can even be applied to wet surfaces.

The 6-in-1 NEO advantage!

NEO replaces at least 6 vehicle care products:

  1. Plastic, vinyl and rubber care
  2. Paint sealant
  3. Glass cleaner
  4. Glass sealant
  5. Alloyed rim sealant
  6. Chrome care products

NEO can also be used on smooth surfaces around the home - including glass and ceramic.

Download NEO application advice here: NEO Instructions PDF

Size: 500ml