Devils Juice Bottle & Tolco Acid Trigger Spray (947ml)

Devils Juice Bottle & Tolco Acid Trigger Spray (947ml)

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For those that want a bottle that they can dilute their DEVILS JUICE  into...complete with measurements, a label and a hand trigger spray. 

Great for those that like their products labelled correctly once diluted down.

Tolco Acid Resistant Trigger Sprayer is extremely hard wearing! Tolco uses a special proprietary design which makes it resistant to the harshest chemicals and acids that are used for valeting and  detailingand in particular acid based wheel cleaners. Black and gold in color. .

Although this trigger sprayer is designed to resist harsh chemicals and acids, we strongly recommend flushing and pumping out your trigger sprayer with water after each use to extend the life of your trigger sprayer. Failure to provide proper care and maintenance may result in a short life span of your trigger sprayer.