BLIZZARD (1 Ltr) & CHERRY WASH (500ml)
BLIZZARD (1 Ltr) & CHERRY WASH (500ml)

BLIZZARD (1 Ltr) & CHERRY WASH (500ml)

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CHERRY WASH Hi Foaming pH Neutral Maintenance Shampoo 

A high performing car shampoo that contains no gloss enhancers or modifiers. Dilutes up to 250:1 makiing it extremely economical in use. Contains anti-mar properties making it ideal for maintenance details whilst its pH neutral cleaning abilities also make it perfectly suited for everyday use.


BLIZZARD pH Neutral Advanced Snow Foam

This is a premium high powered and highly concentrated foam wash which gives the cleaning power of alkaline cleaners but at a neutral pH. Safe on all exterior surfaces.
We have had this developed specifically for us after trying various other brands and not being entirely satisfied with what was available.

'BLIZZARD' offers....

Excellent economy due to high dilution rates...we use approx 50ml of product to produce 'high foam' on a medium to large vehicle. This would give approx 20 washes from a 1 Litre bottle at these ratios and 100 washes from 5 Litres.

Excellent cleaning power even from a pH neutral product allowing less contact with vehicle paintwork and reducing the potential for 'paint marring'

Recommended for use through a 'foam lance'. However it can also be used as an excellent 'pre-wash' through a pump sprayer but without the foaming effect.